Programme Qualité de la FIFA pour la technologie sur la ligne de but

La technologie sur la ligne de but est un système permettant de déterminer instantanément si le ballon a entièrement franchi la ligne de but.

Smart watch indicating a goal has been scored

L’International Football Association Board (IFAB) exige que la technologie sur la ligne de but ne perturbe pas le jeu. Par conséquent, le système a été conçu de manière à ce que seuls les arbitres reçoivent un signal pour leur indiquer si le ballon a entièrement franchi la ligne de but.

The information is transmitted within one second which ensures an immediate response from the referee. Due to this design there are no stoppages or other forms of interference in the game. The match officials are the only ones to receive the signal on their watches. Unless there is a conscious choice by the competition organiser to show a replay, the information is only available to the referee and helps in challenging situations.

Quelles sont les technologies existantes ?


Il existe plusieurs systèmes approuvés fonctionnant à l’aide de caméras qui détectent le ballon et d’un logiciel qui analyse l’ensemble des images issues des différentes caméras. Par ce biais, le système peut déterminer si le ballon a entièrement franchi la ligne. Les systèmes actuellement homologués utilisent sept caméras par but installées aussi haut que possible dans le stade.

Magnetic fields:

Several systems operate with magnetic fields. For these systems, cables are placed underground and around the goal, and the ball has elements of the technology inside. The interaction between the receptors in the ball and the magnetic fields created through the underground cables allow the software to calculate the exact position of the ball and determine when a goal has been scored.


Two incidents involving England and Germany in 1966 and 2010 tend to dominate discussions and the perception of the typical goal-line incident. In recent years, there have been many more such situations. The following videos show a variety of goal-line incidents from the past couple of years.