How to become a GLT Licensee

Being a licensee of the FIFA Quality Programme for Goal-Line Technology brings many benefits.

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Approved goal-line technology system

On the way to becoming a licensee, each provider will have demonstrated a fully functional and accurate system. On successfully passing the system test, FIFA grants the provider the right to install systems in stadiums for testing and certification.

FIFA Quality Pro

Only licensees of the FIFA Quality Programme for Goal-Line Technology may install and test systems to the FIFA Quality  Pro standard.

Listing on

All licensees are listed on and visible to all potential users of goal-line technology systems.

Regular exchange

FIFA licensees can attend annual meetings to discuss the further development of testing methods and be kept informed about the newest developments within the FIFA Quality Programme.

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Application process

In order to become a licensee of the FIFA Quality Programme for Goal-Line Technology and become eligible to install systems for use in official matches, each provider must first submit an application to show that they meet the required criteria.

As a first step of the application process, the provider should send information about the company, including quality assurance schemes and details about the system, such as evidence of intellectual property ownership and technical parameters to Once the documentation is complete and approved by FIFA, a meeting will be held to determine the course of testing.

System test

Following administrative approval, the provider, in consultation with FIFA, selects two venues in which the system test is to be carried out by an accredited goal-line technology system test institute. Once a positive test report has been received from the test institute, the provider will receive a licence agreement.


Licensing and certification procedure


Producers of goal-line technology systems are invited to apply for a FIFA licence. In order to guarantee a high level of quality for the end consumer, applicants must prove that they meet certain requirements in terms of system production and business management.

Positive GLT system test

For a producer to become a FIFA licensee, its system must pass the goal-line technology system test, which involves subjecting the system to an intensive test programme in the laboratory, on the field and in real game situations.

FIFA Licence Agreement

If the application and test criteria are met, FIFA will issue a standard licence agreement to the company. Once it has signed the contract, the company is licensed to install its goal-line technology system for use in official matches.


A FIFA licence authorises the company to install the system anywhere in the world. The company must ensure that the end consumer is properly informed about the technology, operation and maintenance of the system. It must also provide a two-year warranty to the customer.

Positive final installation test

On completion of the installation, the goal-line technology system must be tested again by a FIFA-accredited test institute or a test institute that is certified to ISO 17025 for goal-line technology tests. The test programme is a shorter version of the system test, the aim being to test the functionality of the system following installation.

Acceptance of the installation

The installation and results of the installation test must be checked and approved by the licensee’s customer (e.g. competition organiser, stadium owner or club). The signed documents must then be submitted to FIFA for final approval.

Registration on FIFA website

Upon final approval of the documents by FIFA, the installation is awarded the FIFA Quality Pro seal and listed here. The goal-line technology system can now be used for official matches and in official competitions.