FIFA Quality Programme

The programme aims to endorse products that meet strict quality requirements to improve the game and to protect the players, clubs and associations.


A football on display

All standards are built on scientific findings from a number of relevant disciplines identifying players’ needs, various aspects of safety, performance, durability, quality assurance and playing comfort. A global network of universities, test institutes, sports organisations and standardisation bodies are at the heart of the studies produced by the FIFA Quality Programme.

Besides technical requirements, the FIFA Quality Programme also includes ethical standards. Product approval and certification depends on compliance with ethical business practices in terms of child labour, working hours, health and safety requirements, and environmental responsibility as laid down in the code of conduct of the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).

If a product proves to be compliant with the standards, the product can be certified by FIFA and will be awarded one of the “FIFA QUALITY” labels. The different quality categories have been tailored according to the needs of the players.