VAR IAAP - Technology

The Implementation Assistance and Approval Programme (IAAP) was approved during The IFAB 132nd Annual General Meeting on 3 March 2018. The five step process is mandatory and must be completed by every competition planning to use VAR (as it is regulated by the Laws of the Game).


In the IAAP process, step three relates to the minimum technology requirements a VAR technology installation must fulfil to be used in a live competitive match. The VAR IAAP Technology document, that can be downloaded below, outlines the minimum set-up of the Video Operation Room (VOR), the location and camera feed, the necessary equipment, recording and provision of feeds to the match broadcaster, requirements for the virtual offside lines, Referee Review Area (RRA) and minimum referee communication system set-up.

For non-competitive match technology tests, the assessment and approval by FIFA are not mandatory. FIFA, however, strongly recommends applying the same standards and level of testing for non-competitive matches as required for competitive matches.

All “new” competition organisers, i.e. the ones who have not already used VAR in their competitions must follow every step of the Implementation Assistance and Approval Programme (IAAP), including the testing of the technology and approval by FIFA. For competition organisers already using VAR in competitive matches the final assessment and approval of the VAR technology is not required. Technology tests, however, are required in stadiums where VAR was never used by the competition organiser.

View and download the requirements by clicking - VAR IAAP technology. Please note that this document is only a first version and will certainly be updated over time.