How to become a football licensee

The FIFA Quality Programme for footballs is a test programme for outdoor and indoor footballs. Manufacturers can enter into a licence agreement to use the prestigious FIFA quality marks on footballs that have passed the rigorous testing procedure.

FIFA Football bags

Being part of the FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs is not only about producing balls for international matches under the auspices of FIFA or one of its member associations. It is also proof for each licensee that it produces high-quality footballs and is committed to social responsibility.

FIFA quality marks

The Licence Agreement includes the right to use the FIFA quality marks (FIFA Quality Pro, FIFA Quality or FIFA Basic) on and in relation to certified products. It also includes a comprehensive marketing service and an authorisation number that identifies each single product.

Worldwide protection

The FIFA Quality Programme logos are protected by trademark and copyright registrations worldwide. Legal advice and supervision is provided by FIFA’s international network to enforce and protect each licensee’s rights and to prevent infringements.

Social responsibility

FIFA’s commitment to social responsibility can also be seen in its Quality Programme. Licensees must comply fully with the WFSGI Code of Conduct confirmed by the WFSGI pledge, which guarantees sustainable products.

Constant research

To further improve the quality of footballs, FIFA carries out a research programme and regularly conducts studies with universities and test institutes. All findings are shared with the licensees to help them to improve their products even further.


Application Process

The application document is a comprehensive guide for any company seeking to produce footballs that comply with the Laws of the Game. This requires the ball to bear one of three quality marks alongside a unique authorisation number. These can be obtained by adhering to the FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs which offers different options to obtain match-approved balls: - commercial agreement with access to FIFA Quality Pro, FIFA Quality and FIFA Basic balls and a non-commercial that grants access to the FIFA Basic mark only.

The requirements for ball producers include basic regulatory documents in relation to the company (insurance and working conditions) and a technical assessment of the produced balls.

Please find on the right side an overview of the application process that counts for both the commercial and non-commercial agreements. Each step must be completed before the next one can be started.

First Step of Application

If you wish to apply to the FIFA Quality Programme for footballs the following documents should be provided to FIFA:

Please find below the application form explaining the procedures, fees and requirements in more details to obtain match-approved balls and to become a licence producer of the FIFA Quality Programme. To apply please fill out the form and return it to .