FIFA Quality Programme for Futsal Surfaces

FIFA has developed a handbook of test methods and requirements for providers wishing to have their Futsal Surfaces certified. Futsal Surfaces must reach the performance and quality criteria established to provide the best possible playing conditions.

Besides 11-a-side football, FIFA is also the governing body for various other formats of the game including Futsal. As part of a strategy to develop the game and provide guidelines for Member Associations, the FIFA Quality Programme has put in place a testing protocol for Futsal surfaces. As with the other Quality Programmes, the aim is neither to promote specific products nor to interfere in the market and block innovation, but to describe surfaces in a technical way that are best suited for use in Futsal.

At this stage of the development, FIFA is very aware of the multi-purpose use of indoor halls that Futsal is played in alongside other sports such as Volleyball or Basketball. The standard “FIFA Quality” level reflects this by having tolerances that other sports are able to meet while at the same time narrowing the requirements of the EN14904 standard to better suit the game of Futsal, including some refined methods and methods used in the testing of Football Turf.