EPTS FIFA Preferred Provider initiative

The FIFA Preferred Provider initiative for Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems (EPTS) is the next milestone in the effort to drive the further development of EPTS technology in close collaboration with leading EPTS providers.

As part of FIFA’s commitment to quality performance tracking systems and in light of the astounding success of the FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS, the FIFA Preferred Provider (FPP) initiative was introduced. This distinctive category is aimed towards EPTS providers that offer state-of-the-art solutions and that looking to support taking this technology to the next level and make more broadly available through innovation and a close collaboration with FIFA.

Besides the continuous development of the existing test methods, some examples for areas of innovation and research are:

  • Alternative solutions to existing EPTS technologies through new core technologies
  • Development of cost-effective and accessible solutions to help the democratisation of the technology to all FIFA MAs
  • Development of new metrics to help better describe the game
  • Commitment to standardizing data formats, APIs and supporting interoperability of data sets

How to become an FPP

FIFA Preferred Providers are market and thought leaders and distinguish themselves Being an established licensee of the FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS, meaning holding a current licenseby:

  • Being an established licensee of the FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS, meaning holding a current license
  • Offering a solution with  validated real-time tracking data
  • Contributing technical expertise to the collaboration with FIFA in the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on the development of EPTS and current research topics

Providers interested in joining the FPP initiative should contact FIFA via the respective Quality Programme Manager or quality@fifa.org to receive further information and initiate an application process.