Original decision

The primary objective of goal-line technology is and should always be to assist the match officials. Keeping in mind that the referee always has the right to overrule the system, replays could be perceived as problematic if shown without the context of the referee’s decision.

Goal-line technology replays

The IFAB agreed at the 127th AGM on 2 March 2013 in Edinburgh that the decision on whether to allow replays of goal-line incidents for broadcast purposes and/or on stadium giant-screens is to be made independently by individual competition organisers. The competition organiser is best suited to assess the competition’s environment and potential consequences that showing such replays may have.

Why use animated replays?

The system must be able to tell if a heavily obscured ball has crossed the line. In the case of video replay this is not guaranteed. An animation of the goal-line incident based on the data gathered by the system is then the best way of displaying whether or not the ball crossed the line.

GLT replays on show in Morocco