System test

Testing the system’s suitability to correctly judge goal-line incidents

Consisting of laboratory tests, field tests and real game situations in training sessions, the purpose of these system tests is to give competition organisers, stadium owners, clubs, etc. intending to install goal-line technology systems the assurance that the system complies with the Laws of the Game.

These tests must be conducted by an independent FIFA-accredited test institute. While the purpose of the laboratory tests is to examine the components of each technology, the field tests and tests under real game conditions aim primarily at evaluating their functionality, accuracy and robustness. Only if the system fulfils all the necessary criteria will it be licensed and registered by FIFA as a licensed goal-line technology system.

The goal-line technology system test is divided into three stages:

  • Laboratory tests: testing of balls, football goals, referees’ watches and other components of the system
  • Field tests in two stadiums (tests conducted on both goals): general evaluation of the system and analysis of its accuracy
  • Training session tests: tests under real game conditions